(2012) 8 dimention complementary system

I Main

1.    Space. That is determined by three axis: X,Y, Z.

2.    All non-math random distortion on 3D system like fate, miracles or God.

3.    Universe rules like biology, physics or geography. All natural studies.

4.    Time. Unchangeable that determined each of x,y,z variables into matrix (t)[x,y,z]

5.    Move. Vector defined by matrix (t)[x,y,z]. That makes: m~ matrix (t)[x,y,z].

6.    Move main rule. That is unique for each of observed group of variables. E.g. fly with is defined by  m~ matrix (t)[x,y,z] stays always close to meadow that is also defined by m~ matrix (t)[x,y,z]. That is result of equation: m ~matrix (t)[x,y,z].

7.    Code of move main rule. That is subsystem that creates math question. There is different variables defined for economics or medicine studies. That is code of equation: m ~matrix (t)[x,y,z].

8.    Prove of code of move main rule. This is a row of logical consequences  that allow as to answer math question with is in many cases mathematics itself. That is system of math question answered by equation : m ~matrix (t)[x,y,z].

II Explanation:

That is pure math system that allow to answer various questions. All you see can be defined by mathematics while it is a language of numbers connected into logical entirety.

E.g. bird is flying over your head and you try to answer the question whether it is going to shit on you or not?

Ad 1. In first dimension you have to defined you (YOU) and (BIRD) in 3D. To make calculations easy you will be locaced in fixed (0,0,0) point and BIRD in some changeable distance variables (x,y,z).

When the bird is one kilometer far from you you can be almost sure that it is not going to shit on you so answer to your question will be “NO” but when it is four, five feet from you it is much more complicated.

Ad. 2. Maybe your fate is to be shit by a bird and you can not avoid it. You can defined all non math aspects into insignificant or mostly insignificant constant but you can not pass it over.

Ad 3. Bird is an animal that shit and shit is going to hit you head thanks to gravitation. So all physics, biological etc. rules got to be overtaken.

Ad 4. There is going to be specific point in time when you will be hit by shit. Time is unstoppable and constant. If it was not that would be no time but some measurement faults. That is what distinguish my theory form Einstein’s  “General relativity theory”.

Ad 5. To answer your question you have to defined your move and bird’s move into function that basis on your (x,y,z) and bird’s (x,y,z) variables on consideration of all non-math influentials, based on all universe rules, in exact unstoppable time.

That will be one function for two objects:

YOU (0,0,0)

BIRD (x,y,z) where x,y,z are distance measurements from you to bird

Described also by a time so:  (YOU)m~ matrix (t)[x1,y1,z1] and (BIRD) )m~ matrix (t)[x2,y2,z2].

Ad 6. Bird is flying low when it is going to rain so that could affect probability of it’s shit hitting your head. There is millions of such a rules that connected together are known as natural knowledge.

That is result of equation: m ~matrix (t)[x,y,z for each (YOU) and (BIRD).

Ad 7. We described it in first line. We are not wondering whether shit consist calcium or not but whether is going to hit us or not.

Ad. 8 Prove of logical statements consequent ions. We can say that ginger people are good in chess or that there are better than black people in chess and that could be proven by this system if you consider their education, social background etc. and all other factors but this will fail to answer the question of exact chess game in exact time moment when two individuals: ginger and black chess players are going to examine their chess skills.

That is all complementary math system that will be taken under consideration within answering question whether bird is going to shit on your head or not.

III. Practical examples.


Night club party attendance.

PROBLEM: “How many people will be on my party?”

VARIABLES: factors, time, distance, methods of promotion.

ANSWEAR: number of people on exact music venue.


Ad. 1. Space. Each invited periods got to be defined in space. We can get this data from localization information given by people on each major social media, like Facebook, Google+ etc.

Ad 2. All non-math, random aspects can be considerate as constant for each party so it will affect general assumptions.

Ad 3. Universe rules are crucial aspects of show-business industry.   Main factors are:







-TIME OF PARTY CYCLE (Product Life – on this particular subject approximately 4 years.

– EXTRA MILE ASPECT (Something new, extraordinary)


We will match this factors to the target prepared by party promoter. The more all those factors equals to 1, the more promotion is successful and there is bigger probability of party attendance.

E.g. Let’s say that one promoter sends 1000 invitations to people of with only 20% are interested in electro, and the other only 300 but to specified electro fans society where 90% is potential music venue visitor. Simple calculations make: first one make only 200 potentially successful invitation compared to 270 made by the second one. So the SOCIAL BACKGROUND match will be 0.2 for first promoter and 0.9 for the second one.

Ad 4. Time is unchangeable and is measured by DAYS.

Ad 5. During night people are going from one place to another and when in close neighborhood there is successful party it makes other each other more or less successful. We got to analyze where people went when their didn’t come for our party. And make define groups that will help to construct individual map of party behavioral.

E.g. Hipsters sit on Fridays in Pawilony then go to expensive venue and end-up in Luzztro, hip-hopers sit on Friday home, late night smoke weed, drink in pub and then go for a specified b-boy party.

Ad 6. Basing on the map we prepare to build assumptions like when there is lot of people Pavilony we make Elektro Party and when there is lot’s of people on b-boy party that make fewer attendance in Luzztro.

Ad 7. We build file which we fill with all data we can gather.

Ad 8. We get the predicted number of people and compare it with the observed one. The less we close in our predictions the more we got to upgrade our system, factors, data, etc.

schoor’s 8 dimention theory, explanation 2, 10 oct, mm12


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