(2012-2013) klubrukate


Deco, 19 dec, mm12, 71

It’s like a wave that cut my will in Samurai way:
one half still live, one dead; but both don’t know it jet.
One part just murdered, one’s killer; both’s Jing-Jang set.
You’re white, I’m black: one fate, one day, one breath.

It’s like a wave of Sun, that worm up Earth to lay
Shadows unseen, Angels to bright, us same time met:
one stuck, one lack. One done, one walking but inside wet.
You’re black, I’m white. I’ll claim on mouth mine Honor bet!

That’s like the Wave of Hate that sacrifice Love to say:
I prefer way much suffer, then see my story, my pride
being jerked-off, being split face, by blood brother who’s
late on plain plea, for sake of spoiled Snow Night day.

I’m choosing wave, that makes me see color then blur.
I’m finding You, that way far You then You have ever might.
I’m wanting You, that with hearth not bank for pleasure pay.
I will find You. You, Blue Rose. Me says that: DJ S. Schoor.

Dear Daughter, 6 feb, mm13, Lubliniec

Dear Daughter, Your rout line is me.
Schoor’s mental infinite valid.
Dig done philosophy of Hip-ho-hu myth
that is like suicidal trigger unique.

Lustige Gauklerin hat mein Maulkorb klebt.
Leer Ratte sterbt. Nur einheimische trockene Blut,
Baum, Haus, Fisch und anziehend Zaun.
Das ist meine Rache und Leichtigkeit.

Droga córeczko; moje przyszłe i przeszłe dziecię!
Wiatr szumi mi Twój oddech w każdym kwiecie.
Słyszę Cię w drzew zimowym skrzypów balecie
gdzie każdy ruch to Twój oddech, Twoje bycie.

Życzenia walentynkowe 2013, 10 feb, mm13, Lubliniec

I wish I could cross with eight steps infinite dune.
From zero to one, on one word “Boo”.
For thirteenth Valentines I put Rih in “G” suit.
Gorgeous on most deep and fluid value:
Schoor’s love that’s untouched, silent, vivid, from me to You.
If You’d share one hundredth of it, the slicest clue
I’d give You my life. My life, my destiny, my everyday mood.

I wish I could push rat into diamond see.
From one to zero, in double tandem: You and me.
For thirteenth Valentines I name me: the one I want to be.
I adore You because You mix dream with reality,
because You’re so beautiful, innocent, vivid.
If You’d share one tenth of this dove seed
I’d give You my word, my crown, all I inhabit.

I wish Black Rose would whisper me love.
From zero to half – math function none saw.
For thirteenth Valentines I’m speechless, hardly  mumbling “Wow”.
I need You Robyn. I beg You right now:
Let me know if I’m blind or this is mistaken row.
If You’re feeling what I do – answer to my “Yo”.
I’ll give You joy, smell, taste, sex; all vivid with no pose.

Blue Rose, 18 feb, mm13, 71

Jestem cegłą która płonie mi żyłach.
Jej piasek topi mi limfę, każdą sekundą
smoląc na błękit, na biel, na strach.
Żar tłumi dech, gasi ból, skręca dumę mą,
karcąc gest, dusząc myśl by strawić czas.

Granit, marmur, węgiel, wapno i pląs
kojącej stałości, w której las masek i lat.
Pył, proch, cząstka, Wszechświat, atom i ton:
jedna nuta, szelest ust, biel, błękit i kwiat
wijący się wewnątrz mnie. Jego woń, jego dom,

jego „Ja”, jego dach, szalupa, rozum i ład
to Twój węch, to mój zapach i ta wola by woń
była mną, trwała w nas niczym dym suszący sad.
Ciszy mgła, smoła łkań, krzyk i melodia Blue Rose:
trwałe „Ja”, słone „Ty”, perlistego kaszmiru brokat.

Opis odautorski:

Look, babe.
That was master chess game with no gambit on both sides.
In two days You’re going to turn 25.
Just a moment ago I won, playing black, playing Queens opening, playing rook from my left (hearth) wing.
That took me exactly 25 moves.
I dedicate this victory to You and name the whole combination Blue Rose.


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