(2017) trifootball


Today is my birthday, 12 jan, mm17, schody do nikąd, 71

1. Today is my birthday –
what else I could say?
Everything I do, wish or may
is always too less. It’s not the key

I love You like flour,
that comes to me every single hour.
What do we got? What is our?
This loneliness is like Sky Tower.

Ref 1. Whatever I do is always too less.
I’m tryin’ to guess…
but my mess
is tireless.
Eyes that I confess
the Everything I wanna has –
is not and will not to be in my poses-
ion. The only option – wish less.

2. Today is my birthday –
what else I could say?
I know the Truth. I am my key.
I am whatever You wish to lay

forward on Mat’s Cafe blat.
Brat. Ja rymuje po polsku. Taki czasu szmat!
Mimo mych wszystkich wad
i mimo zalet kłamstw śnienia na jawie jak kat…

Ref 2. Whatever I do is always too less.
I’m tryn’ so badly to impress…
Check-out my english! Is there no progress?!
This love is tireless!
You’re still in Heaven!
While I’m eleven –
You’re twelve. Seven,
one, math, laugh, woman and man!

3. Today is my birthday –
what else I could say?!
I love You, babe. I wish and I may…
change my mind like a bird on it’s way

Just kiddin’! Me?
If I changed I’m no better then pie!
We Rat’s Crew invite Riri!
It’s peak and bottom of my dreams.

Vogue kiss, 17 jan, mm17, 71

Vogue invitation to kiss that would reveal
wound of self-esteem. Ate it?
High education of flirt that could melt steel…
but not his selfish mentality.
This chess battle is only chapter of real
and undone reality:
where he is pure diamond and she is
untouchable virginity.
This is just too much of undiscovered
love quality!

“The dog that serves to his bitch is like wolf
that lost his teeth and dies from hostility!”
“Grouse got to respect gross aspects of all
new pack anxiety…
or herd would eat her like a whole
birthday cake that smells like a pity.”
This rule is pure madness or
we all live in fake society!
Schoor has never felt gore
that squeeze him into desire ability

to feel something but ego.
Melt it. Eat it… and digest it!
If I could I would said veto
“but my will is in constant flexibility.
On day I lack dry low
to dream at night wet high.” Myth!
I’m more consistent than owl
that only silently observe his territory!
This kiss was infinite. Appreciate thou
how my small village is holding the pass of Your city.

So now he’s with J.Lo, 18 jan mm17, 71

This faggot is so funny and fake!
What’s his name again?! Oh yes! All athletes know: “Drake!”
“- He’s wants an autograph for nephew?
– No that’s not new! :Yo! He’s with J.Lo. He went for a date!
– Who cares? I got 71 kilo haze, boo.
I dare this idiot canadian to come to my crew, maid!”

Slim, Yo! Respect, but this bitch is mine, dude.
He’s with J.Lo both with Nikki, Riri and my… wait!
My whole fan base that I sell on e-Bay. Mood?
Me Schoor with Rat’s Crew fuck Drake just say
where to kill and hide body. Clue?
This dick messed with Slim on MTV? Day?

Prove and verdict. There will not be delay. Who?
Me myself with the respect that I’ve doomed. Lay
me no money! D 12 to 71 boobs
Pacte Convecta is working as Hip-Hop say.
Drake’s fake and gay that’s so obvious even me say it on this loop
that’s stays hidden in hearth of singer “Stay”.

What this nigga has said?! Am I mad or just disconnect. Whooop!
Drake’s fake that’s true and he’s nothing but mistake.
All he do is weak, boring and out of taste. 40 years old woman
he’s a sex toy to? That’s so MTV, Twilight Lake
and more not ours then hour in TV. Me sayz that Steve. Man!
Slim, Eminem. You’ve won! Let’s have a steak.

Enlighten moon flute, 7 feb, mm17, 71

This love is like shadow that enlighten the moon.
Blur vision of me and bright barbule of You.
All in the darkness of unseeable blue.
All in the kindness of not giving one clue
who’s wolf, who’s roe and who’s hunting do.

I love You. You love me. There’s nothing new
but my vision is dim and You don’t see the Truth
that we both dying in a constant flame loop.
I suffer, You’re bleeding. There’s huge pain scoop –
that has joined us in  a seldom love root.

Why wolf would not gorge his only left food?
Why roe would solitarily abandon her troop?
We will never be couple because of our crews
that are too greedy to listen enlighten moon flute!
Is this lust music where words are mute

or we both aberrant, bewitched by the lull?
I am not timid. My crown is just anxiety hull.
You are not scared. I see You’ve attired black hood
to hide in my jaws. The only witness is this blue moon
that silently watches us conk. Death grip. Love croon.

I’ve never wanted to be anybody else, 20 mar, mm17, the bunk inn, uk

I’ve never wanted to be anybody else.
I keep on hiding in my shielded space
where I stay on my own, building data-base
of mine feelings that I turn into kinase
of art, knowledge and intelligence.

It has been so many solitary days
since I chose my own path – my own way
that alienation is not the case.
All I strive for is to leave unforgettable trace
of mine pain, mine joy; mine mind race

from thought to word. My own brain maze
that is in constant fluctuation phase,
makin’ my perception always displaced
ever ingenious and perpetually ace!
Will I ever achieve state of aggrace?

I definitely doubt it! It’s not the aim I hace.
If I’d wanna be different; maybe famous big face
wouldn’t it make all my principles gelatinize?!
I’m me. Poet that steadily repeats on one phrase:
I’ve never wanted to be anybody else!